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Why use a shredder to shred documents

Many identity theft victims only find out their identities have been stolen a year later, and it can take weeks or even months to try to gain access to their information, money, and credit rating again, which can be very stressful. Shredding confidential documents, bills and receipts can prevent identity theft and fraud and prevent some important information from being leaked. Confidentiality is also important in a business environment, so destroying confidential customer information with a shredder protects a business's commercial trade and ensures that the business does not incur significant losses.
Many consumers think that information can also be destroyed by burning fire, but this is actually an incorrect view. A lot of paper is not easy to burn. There may be some parts inside that are not exposed to the air and become debris, so even if you want to burn it, you have to smash it and burn it slowly, and burning paper will pollute the environment. Broken paper But it can be recycled.