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How to deal with paper jam in the shredder

1. First, look at the structure of the shredder to see if the shredder bucket is installed. If the shredder bucket is not installed properly, reinstall the shredder bucket and try again.
2. If the paper is still jammed after the machine is turned on, press the paper feed and paper eject function keys a few times to see if the machine can push the paper out by itself. When pushing, you can pull it out by hand to see if it can be pulled out.
3. If it is not possible, turn off the power of the machine, then turn the machine head down one by one, pour it down a few times, shake it hard, and see if it can be poured out. If it can't be poured out, you can use a thinner metal piece or screwdriver to sort out some stuck paper scraps, and then try to see if the machine can run.
4. If the above methods do not work, remove the paper box of the shredder, and you can see that there are stuck pieces of paper on the blade of the shredder, gently brush with a small brush to remove the shredded paper, Then turn on the power and try to run it. If the shredder still does not work, then only professional maintenance personnel can be overhauled.