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Solutions to common problems of shredders (2)

4. The shredder is not powered on
This situation is easy to solve. First, check whether the power supply is plugged in or loose, then check whether the shredder switch is turned on, and then check whether the confetti tube is closed. If the problem persists after reading these three situations, it may be that there is a problem with the electric board inside and must be returned to the manufacturer for repair.
5. The shredder has abnormal noise
Check the tool for damage. Please check if there is too much shredded paper, which will affect the normal work of the tool. Check whether the belt is loose (there are belts in some old models), and check whether the whole machine swings with electricity.
6. Is there radiation when the shredder is working?
There is electromagnetic radiation. However, the shredder uses low-voltage electricity, which belongs to low-frequency radiation, so the electric field strength is very small and can be ignored. After it is powered on, the motor drives the blade to rotate to break the paper, which is the same as the soymilk machine we usually use. We can avoid these radiations, as long as we use them a little farther away from us, the radiation itself is relatively small, and there is no such thing as a little further away.