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What can I use to erase markers on a whiteboard?

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How to erase the handwriting dried by the marker on the whiteboard? Sometimes after writing on the whiteboard with the marker, it is difficult to erase after a long time. The following method can wipe off these markers that have dried on the whiteboard.
1. Cover and write on the dried marker pen with a dry-erase pen, wait for about 5 seconds for the dry-erase pen to dry completely, and then wipe it off with a rag dipped in soapy water. (For safety reasons, try writing with a dry erase pen on the corner of the whiteboard to see if it can be erased with soapy water)
2. Use the whiteboard pen to cover and write the permanent marker, wait a few seconds and then quickly erase. This method is very simple and fast, however the whiteboard pen used will be scrapped, so try it if you are willing to sacrifice the whiteboard pen.
3. Erase with an eraser, twice more. Suitable for smooth whiteboard surfaces.
4. Use a rag dipped in medical alcohol to scrub, the effect is good!
5. Smear a little toothpaste on the handwriting, let it air dry, take a toothbrush to brush off the handwriting, and there is a whitening effect.
6. Apply a little sunscreen to the marker pen and wipe it off. A little kitchen cleaner will remove the sunscreen and everything will be back to normal!
7. Use nail polish remover and cotton swabs to scrub. Because the acetone in nail polish remover can remove marker handwriting.
8. You can also try it with balsamic essence and toilet water, if you can't find the above items.