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What are the types of pens? Common 4 types of pens are divided

Summary: What are the types of pens? There are many types and models of pens. According to the composition of the nib of the pen, it can be divided into two types: gold pens and iridium pens. According to the use, it can be divided into ordinary pens, financial pens, art pens and famous pens. As far as the types of pens are concerned, let’s take a look at it with the editor.
Pen nib material classification
1. Golden Pen:
The gold content of the nib is high, the nib is soft, and the elasticity is small. The nib is smooth and comfortable when writing. However, the price of gold pens is expensive, and the nib is soft, which is difficult to master, and should not be used by beginners.
2. Iridium pen:
The nib has less gold content, hard nib, good elasticity, durability, and high quality and low price. It is a suitable tool for beginners to write.
Iridium is a rare precious metal, which is an alloy of platinum and iridium, and its rarity is higher than that of platinum. Its melting point, strength and hardness are high. It is often used as the center electrode of the spark plug of high-end engines. The pen is used for its high hardness and wear resistance, so it is called iridium pen.
The tip of the iridium pen is made of stainless steel. In order to change the wear resistance of the pen tip, the iridium particles on the tip of the pen tip are called iridium pens to distinguish the pen. The pen has good corrosion resistance and elasticity, as well as economical and durable features, and is well received by consumers. It is the most productive and most widely sold fountain pen in my country.
There are four common types of pens:
Ordinary fountain pen, financial special fountain pen, art fountain pen, famous fountain pen;
1. Ordinary fountain pen:
Fountain pens are divided into three categories: gold pens, iridium pens, and fountain pens according to different nib materials.
Gold pen nib: Its base metal is made of gold alloy. Among them, there are two kinds of gold-containing components: 14K (including 58.33% gold) and 12K (including 50% gold).
Iridium pen nib: The base of the iridium pen nib is made of wear-resistant stainless steel, and the tip is also welded with iridium particles (referring to the tip of the nib welded with a small ball of wear-resistant alloy); the iridium pen can be divided into advanced iridium pens according to the structure and material of the parts. And two kinds of ordinary iridium pen.
Pen nib: It is also generally made of acid-resistant stainless steel, but the tip is not welded with iridium particles.
The nib shape structure of the fountain pen can be divided into three types: bright tip type, semi-bright tip type and dark tip type.
Bright tip type: The tip of the sharp tip type is mostly or completely exposed. There are traditional tile shape, novel tugging shape, mosaic shape and cone shape (also known as big Baotou shape)
Semi-bright nib: A part of the nib of the semi-bright nib is exposed on the nib or pen, and can be divided into arc, flat and triangular shape.
Dark tip type: The tip of the dark tip type is almost completely covered by the tip sleeve, and only a small amount of writing end is exposed. The dark-pointed nib has a cylindrical shape and is also called a cylindrical nib. Most of the fountain pens produced in my country are dark-tipped
2. Financial fountain pen: Financial fountain pen is a fountain pen with good water quality and fine handwriting. In the past, it was easy to use for manual accounting, but now it is generally used for computer accounting, and the financial fountain pen is less important.
3. Art pen: Art pen is a special pen that uses the inclination of the pen to create the effect of thick and thin lines. It is widely used in art drawing, hard pen calligraphy and other fields. It is a tool for artistic creation and is very practical. Art and fine brushwork has general usage and special usage.
4. Famous fountain pen: The materials used in casting the pen are very rare or special, and then hand-carved and processed with fine patterns, and the advanced vacuum pumping method in the fountain pen is adopted to make the style of the fountain pen elegant and generous.
Different nib materials represent points: "925" for sterling silver; "750" for 18K gold; "585" for 14K gold; 23K direct gold plating; 24K for pure gold.
Purchase of fountain pen
When choosing a pen, check whether the nib is smooth and smooth. This can be tested by test pen, that is, dip the new pen in ink and write some strokes and Arabic numeral grooves on the paper. If the nib does not pull the paper and the water is even, then the nib is smooth and smooth. It is smooth and meets the requirements of use. The nib of the pen is divided into thicknesses, and the pen with a slightly thicker nib should be used for writing. If you need to write a pen with a smaller shape, you can choose a pen with the word "extra-fine" on the pen barrel to write.