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What are the stationery supplies, how to buy student stationery safely

Although the traditional four treasures of the study are being replaced by keyboards and mice, stationery is still an indispensable item in our life, especially for students. Today's stationery comes in different shapes and types, as well as a variety of fragrant smells, which makes people addicted to it, but these stationery with unique appearance and fragrant smell hide various additives and toxic substances, which bring potential danger to children's health.
What are the student stationery supplies
1. Paper
Including picture book, picture book, sketch book, square book, field character book, etc.
2. Pens
Including pencils, ballpoint pens, pens, markers, crayons, colored pens, watercolor pens, etc.
3. Tools
Including stationery box, pencil case, ruler, children's scissors, eraser, correction fluid, correction tape, school bag, etc.
What are the office stationery supplies
1. File management
Folders with holes (two-hole, three-hole folders), non-hole folders (single strength folder, double strength folder, etc.), report folder, board folder, classified folder, hanging labor folder, computer folder, bill folder, file Boxes, information books, portfolio bags, file sets, business card boxes/books, CD bags/books, briefcases, zipper bags, card bags, file cabinets, data racks, file baskets, book stands, photo albums, drawing folders
2. Desktop supplies
Stapler, staple remover, hole punch, scissors, utility knife, paper cutter, ticket holder, staple series, pencil sharpener, glue stick, glue, tape, tape holder, calculator, ruler, pen holder, Pen bag, desk calendar
3. Office book
Binding book, spiral book, leather book, loose-leaf book, pad book, post-it note, sticky note/box, meeting minutes
4. Writing correction supplies
Gel pens (signature pens), ballpoint pens, pencils, desk pens, whiteboard pens, highlighters, fountain pens, markers, watercolor pens, POP pens, erasers, correction fluids, correction tapes, ink refills, soft pens, crayons, brushes , charcoal
5. Financial supplies
Account books/account books, carbonless copy notes, vouchers/documents, carbon paper, UF consumables, note binding machines, financial calculators, printing pads/inks, check clips, special seals, seal boxes, portable vaults, number machines.
Hazardous substances in children's stationery
Inhibit the central nervous system or damage liver and kidney function, cause poisoning, endanger life, and cause pollution to the atmosphere and water.
soluble lead
It may exist in the paint layer of stationery, causing chronic lead damage to the body, and causing diseases such as anemia and diarrhea.
Inhalation can cause throat tingling, itching and burning sensation, and if it irritates the eye mucous membrane, it can cause tearing, redness, congestion, and anesthetize the central nervous system.
Long-term contact or inhalation of toluene in scented stationery will cause lesions in the respiratory tract and skin, and lead to more serious diseases such as leukemia and cancer.
Fluorescent whitening agent
Too white paper irritates and damages students' eyes. Students are easily fatigued and affect their eyesight.
The substance in the cortex plastic can enter the human body through the contact of the hand or the mouth, affecting the physiological function of the human body, disturbing the secretion of hormones, and even causing precocious puberty in women or infertility in men.
heavy metal
Stationery with bright appearance that will fade when used contains heavy metals, which enter the human body through sweat glands, damage the liver and kidneys, and cause adverse effects on the human blood system and bone development.
volatile organic solution
The correction fluid or correction agent contains dichloromethane, trichloroethane, p-xylene, etc., causing dizziness, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting and other poisoning symptoms.
Children's stationery purchase
Fragrance-free stationery
Scented stationery attracts children, but behind these scented stationery it is likely that harmful aromatic amines such as stupid and formaldehyde are at work.
The paper should not be too white
Paper that is too white may contain fluorescent whitening agents. Excessive intake will cause harm to children's eyesight and skin, especially primary school students and infants.
Do not buy bright stationery
Many brightly colored highlighters, as well as correction fluids and erasers contain ketone solvents and benzene substances, which may cause cancer when entering the human body.
Environmental protection and non-toxic priority
Try to buy children's stationery in regular malls and stores. Buy stationery clearly marked with words such as "environmental protection, non-toxic", product name, implementation standard, manufacturer name, factory address, warning words, precautions for use, production date, shelf life, etc.
Pay attention to stationery safety
When purchasing some handmade scissors, blades and other stationery, you should choose the arc top type, the diameter of the pen cap should be larger than 16mm, and there should be a continuous air channel type of at least 6.8 square mm, which can reduce the danger of suffocation after the user accidentally swallows.