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What are the benefits of a pen

1. What are the advantages of the pen
As a writing tool for Chinese characters, the fountain pen has the advantages of small size, convenient carrying, convenient writing, durable, and the words written are not easy to fade. Rich, but far better than other hard pens such as pencils and ballpoint pens, because the nib of the pen is flexible, and the strokes written are also divided into thickness and weight. A beautiful pen character can also give people a beautiful enjoyment.
Especially in recent years, with the popularization and improvement of pen calligraphy teaching, the vast number of fountain pen calligraphy educators and enthusiasts have made useful explorations on the brushwork, structure, structure and calligraphy of pen calligraphy in teaching and writing practice. I tried and created a lot of excellent pen calligraphy works in regular, line, cursive, clerical, and seal characters. These works have the beauty of form, expression, charm, artistic conception and momentum, forming the beauty of strict structure, echoing strokes, open bones, and connected tendons, which enhance the appeal of pen calligraphy art, and have been widely praised by the society. It has taken a big step forward from a purely practical type to an artistic type.
The usefulness of practicing pen calligraphy
1. The pen calligraphy practice leads to fine movements of the hands and wrists, which not only promotes the development of the small muscle groups of the students' hands and wrists, but also facilitates the development of the connections between the visual speech areas, motor speech areas, and auditory speech areas of the brain. It is also conducive to the coordinated development of the large and cerebellum.
2, pen calligraphy practice is to improve people's image thinking ability.
3. The practice of pen calligraphy contains aesthetic factors and is an important aspect of aesthetic education. Students feel the influence of various kinds of beauty, such as appreciating many famous posters and watching calligraphy masters' brushstrokes and splashes of ink. Then, their aesthetic tastes are purified and improved.
4. The pen calligraphy practice has a direct function in improving students' scientific and cultural quality and promoting their physical and mental health. It has a subtle and important role in the cultivation of children's character, tempering their will, edifying their sentiments, and forming good habits.
5. The practice of pen calligraphy can become a weight for the employment conditions of college graduates, especially for those who are about to be engaged in teachers, administration, clerks, secretaries, teachers, civil servants and other occupations, writing pen calligraphy is an important part of the work.
6, pen calligraphy practice is the second face of a person to write well. In particular, young people in the workplace often need to fill in forms, sign their signatures, and write first drafts of materials. They need to write well. Writing well in pen has become an important factor in the initial impression of people.
The advantages of using a pen to write
1. Practicing calligraphy can improve personal quality and make people feel that you have cultural connotations.
2. Practicing calligraphy can cultivate one's self-cultivation and hone your will.
3. Practicing calligraphy will help you to be favored in your post.
4. Practicing calligraphy can improve people's aesthetics.
5. Good calligraphy will make you know slowly and benefit for a lifetime.