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What is a paper cutter

Paper cutting machine is a new type of paper cutting equipment on the market. Currently popular paper cutting machines are divided into CNC physical paper cutting machines and laser paper cutting machines. On the basis of manual paper cutting, the numerical control physical paper cutting machine is based on the principle of bionics. The blade is CNC numerically controlled to achieve the fineness and delicacy that cannot be achieved by manual work. At the same time, it solves manual labor, etc. The products produced have the artistic effect of paper-cutting, and achieve the original ecological beauty that does not affect the manual work. Laser paper-cutting machine is not a real paper-cutting machine , Although it has a thin beam, fast and high precision, the disadvantage is that the high temperature generated by the laser can easily burn the material, catch fire, and easily turn yellow to the product. In the industry, there are very few people who use it, and it is limited to the processing of simple primary products such as non-woven materials. The CNC physical paper-cutting machine achieves hollow cutting processing of different materials. For example, rice paper, cardboard, non-woven fabrics, magnetic sheets, planting Flannel, PVC, etc. Widely used in greeting cards, paper-cuts, gift boxes, business cards, puzzles, paper molds and other industries, with stable performance. Easy to operate. Wide range of applications.