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How to distinguish between good and bad pens

Pen: It consists of a nib, a tongue, a pen barrel, a pen cap and a water storage tube containing ink in the barrel. It is usually divided into three types: gold pens with gold tips, iridium pens with iridium tips, and ordinary fountain pens with neither gold nor inlaid grains.
(1) Gold pen: It is made of gold and silver or steel alloy. The gold nib has good elasticity and corrosion resistance. When writing with a gold pen, it feels comfortable and expressive, but the price is more expensive.
(2) Iridium pen: The pen with iridium particles welded on the tip of the pen is inferior to the gold pen.
(3) Ordinary fountain pen: a pen with no gold nib and no iridium particles. This kind of pen is easy to wear and has poor elasticity, so it is rarely seen in the market. How to choose a pen: First, look to see if the nib is straight and long. The second is to try, use the pen tip to write or draw circles on the paper. Check whether the writing is fluent, whether the hand feels comfortable, whether the water is even, and whether the lines written are well-proportioned.
After nearly ten years of trial, we believe that the best pen used for writing is a pen with a tip. Its advantages are that the lines written are relatively stable, and the ink is not easy to volatilize. It is suggested that students should prepare two steel pens and two pens, which are used for writing and storing pen water respectively. The best pen used to store pen water is a fine art pen.