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Portrait Time Bookmark

Materials preparation: a pot of geraniums, portrait film, alcohol, iodine, black paper, ribbons.
How to make it: Put the geranium in a dark place and keep it out of light day and night. On the third day, take out the flowerpot, put the portrait film on the front of a complete geranium leaf, hold the back with a piece of black cardboard, and clamp the four corners with clips so that the film is close to the leaf. Then move the geranium to the sun, let the piece with the negative film stand in the sun for two hours, and then cut the leaf with the negative film from the petiole.
Remove the negatives and black paper from the leaves and immerse the leaves in alcohol to boil. The leaves turn yellowish-white as the chlorophyll of the leaves is dissolved by the alcohol. Then take out the leaves, wash them with water, and then drop the diluted iodine on the leaves. Due to the uneven distribution of starch on the leaves, chemical changes occur when encountering iodine, so the leaves show different shades and shades of color, so that the portraits are printed on the leaves. Finally, color and tie the ribbon, and it becomes a wonderful portrait leaf bookmark.