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Pen cleaning and maintenance

1. If there is ink in the pen, first drain the ink, then squeeze the pen bladder repeatedly, wash the inside of the pen with warm water, repeat several times until the water is clear. Use a dry cloth to wipe the water off the outside of the pen. If necessary, remove the nib, tongue, barrel, and barrel in turn and clean them. Because the structure of pens is different, for pens that are difficult to disassemble, just use the first step. Install the nib, tongue, barrel, and barrel in sequence, and wipe the water off the outside of the pen with a dry cloth again. Then fill the pen with water and leave it for a period of time, which will help the dry ink inside the pen to fully dissolve. After draining the water out of the pen, let it dry naturally and then store it. Do not add acidic substances to the water, otherwise it will cause damage to the pen. The brand of ink should be fixed, and when changing to another ink, it should be cleaned before use.
2. In the process of cleaning the pen, decomposing the pen is a process that needs to be careful. Do not break the pen, because the parts in the pen are relatively fragile, and you need to have a certain amount of patience and care when cleaning the pen. Otherwise, it will cause ink residue, be sure to protect the nib of the pen.