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How to make a print bookmark

Material preparation: Ginkgo biloba leaves, Metasequoia branches, cluster plants or small animals such as longhorn beetles and locusts; photographic paper, developer, fixer, scotch tape, ribbon, transparent glue.
How to make: Take a piece of transparent film and cut it into a rectangle slightly longer than the bookmark. The pressed and dried plant leaves and branches are trimmed and arranged on the film, and then fixed with transparent tape cut into thin strips. For moths and butterflies, only take their wings and stick them with tape after splicing. Small animals such as locusts are best to use a syringe to remove their internal organs, and then fix them on the film.
Cut out No. 2 or No. 3 printing paper of the same size as the film in the dark room (with the red light on), place the film with the specimen on the printing paper, and press the top and bottom with a clean glass piece. Be careful photosensitive for about 10 seconds (the time will be shortened if the light intensity is strong), immediately turn off the light and put the printing paper into the developer solution. After a clear image appears on the paper, place it in the fixer solution for 10 minutes. It is then rinsed with water, dried, trimmed, and finally colored with transparent watercolor and tied with ribbons to create a bookmark with images of animals and plants.