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Study table cleaning and maintenance

1. The children's study table should be protected from direct sunlight. When high-temperature objects are placed on the furniture, they must be placed under the heat-insulating mat to avoid affecting their service life. The desk should be placed in a well-lit place, and if the children's desk and chair are placed sideways, the light should come from the left side. Children's tables and chairs should be kept as few as possible and placed against the wall to expand children's activity space;
2. The children's study table should not be stained with colored water or acid-base solution. If it is filled with water, immediately use a dry cloth to absorb the water. If it is stained with colored liquid or other harmful liquid, it should be dry cleaned or washed immediately according to the requirements of the furniture label. Do not wash and bleach, if you find the loose thread, do not tear it off by hand, use scissors to cut it neatly;
3. Before using the wooden children's study table, if the structure is found to be loose, tighten the connecting fasteners. When cleaning the dust, use a soft cloth to remove dust along the grain of the wood. The soft cloth should be dipped in spray cleaner, and do not wipe with a dry cloth to avoid wiping flowers. It is also not suitable to rinse the furniture with alkaline water or boiling water, or place a high concentration of alcohol, so as not to damage the surface of the furniture;
4. It is not advisable to knock children's tables and chairs with heavy objects, drag and grind the surface, or cut things on the surface of children's tables and chairs, or apply gravity to clean the surface. It is also not advisable to repair furniture with pigments different from the original paint color of the furniture. Brush the children's study table with varnish water every other year to keep the color bright.