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Care of the Pen

Pens need to be maintained. When writing, some manuscript paper should be placed under the paper to enhance the elasticity of the pen tip and reduce friction. Do not write on the nib on hard materials such as metal to prevent damage to the nib. The pen should be cleaned once a month or so to keep the ink flowing smoothly. If the pen is not used for a long time, it should be washed and stored.
It needs to be mentioned here that there is an elbow pen with the words "hard pen calligraphy" marked on the barrel, which has the characteristics of large changes in the thickness of the writing strokes. When in use, if the pen holder is lowered, the strokes will be thicker and larger characters can be written; if the pen holder is raised up, the strokes will be thinner and smaller characters can be written. This pen is more expressive than ordinary pens, and is often used to write larger fonts such as envelopes. However, it is difficult to write with this kind of pen, and beginners should not use it to practice calligraphy. Maintenance: Use some good ink, can not use ink of different nature, should be cleaned after using for a period of time.
Take the pen apart and submerge the water absorber and tip (the part that connects the water absorber to the tip) in warm water overnight. Insert the ink absorber back, dip the nib in warm water, then hold the middle of the ink absorber with your hand and press the ink absorber until it clears. Finally, dry it with a soft cloth before use.
Just bought it and suck 80 degree hot water into the water absorber as ink to make it soft for future use.