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Classification of paper cutters

According to the paper cutter operation mode and cutting transmission mode, it can be divided into manual paper cutter, mechanical paper cutter, hydraulic paper cutter, full hydraulic paper cutter, digital display paper cutter and microcomputer program control Paper cutter.
1. The overall structure of the mechanical type paper cutter machine will be relatively simple, and the debugging and maintenance is also very convenient. However, this type of paper cutter does not have a high-level positioning system and hydraulic settings, and the accuracy is low, which cannot meet the demanding cutting needs.
2. The paper press of the hydraulic paper cutter adopts hydraulic transmission, and the cutting is stable and accurate. At present, the level of domestic hydraulic paper cutter is one of the few.
3. The data related to the operation of the digital display paper cutter can be communicated in digital form through the position sensor. The microcomputer program control can use the signal to memorize the storage device and store the instruction program, so that the entire operation process can be cyclically performed according to the set program.