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How to use the paper cutter

We take the manual paper cutter that is often used in the office as an example. The manual paper cutter is generally composed of a base platen, upper and lower combination cutters, positioning baffles, lever pressing plates, and rule baffles. It uses the principle of automatic paperweight design. After a special process, it is very sharp and durable, and the cutting effect is very good.
When using a manual paper cutter, first remove the screw that fixes the cutter from the front end of the cutter handle. When preparing to cut, first lift the cutter gently, put the sample against the ruler on the top of the table, and then place the sample Lean to the position of the positioning baffle, hold the handle of the tool with your right hand and cut hard, then the sample can be cut. Determine the positioning of the sample, put the paper to be cut, and pull down the knife to complete the cutting. After the cutting is completed, the tool needs to be pressed under the positioning baffle and locked at the buckle.