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Key cabinet features

1. Unattended 24 hours a day, simple and convenient operation.
2. The key within the authority can be extracted only after passing the personal identity authentication.
3. The authority level and time limit of different personnel can be divided. For example, it is required to
return before 18:00, and the software can alarm if it is not returned.
4. The key can be retrieved by a single person, or can be retrieved with "double locks for two persons" and
two or three persons. The system can be set to be able to retrieve the key only when the authentication
information of the two persons or three persons is passed; each time the key is retrieved Both the user and
authorized personnel must record in the software. The return key is multi-certified, that is, each time the
key is returned, the user and the authorized personnel must pass the identity verification, and must be
recorded in the software, and neither is indispensable.
5. Automatically record all key retrieval data and administrator software modification operation records.
6. If the key is taken illegally, the system will sound an alarm. Such as mechanical key to open the door.
7. It can be connected to a computer or printer to print out different reports for verification or management
8. 485 communication or its independent IP address can be connected to the server or controlled and managed
through the network. If there is no network connection, the machine must have data storage capacity.
9. With authorization, any networked computer can print the required reports.
10. The software has the ability to centrally manage multiple intelligent cabinets in the network.