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What does office stationery include?

To start a business, office stationery must be prepared in advance. The following is a list of the main office stationery, administrative staff, corporate purchases, can use this as a reference to purchase.
1. Writing instrument supplies
Ballpoint pens, gel pens, signature pens, fountain pens, pencils, mechanical pencils, chalk, magic pens, art pens, roller pens, marker pens, highlighters, paint pens, LED pens, PDA pens, laser pens, radio pens, CD pens, Computer pen, projection pen, presentation pen, desk pen soft pen, gift pen, refill, lead, ink, filling
water, pen holder, pen holder, pen bag, pen accessories.
2. Paper supplies
Notebooks, notepads, loose-leaf notebooks, coil notebooks, spiral notebooks, phone books, address books,hard-faced,soft-faced copybooks, universal manuals, efficiency manuals, business diaries, note papers, desk papers, notice stickers, post-it notes , Title book, sign-in book, art paper, drawing paper, paper gift, inner page.
3. Stationery
Storage supplies: file cabinet, file column, stationery box, file folder/hanging folder, file bag, file basket, table file cabinet (rack), file box, data book, note folder, memo box, manuscript rack, folder, Rod holder, CD box, photo album, pen holder, business card case, strong folder, porous film (bag), single page folder, report folder, index paper, zipper bag, button bag, key box, etc.
Binding supplies: staplers, punches, clips, staples, paper clips, thumbtacks, push-pins, pins, staple.
removers, binding aprons, binding covers, plastic film, etc.
Correction supplies: correction fluid, correction tape, eraser, etc.
Adhesive supplies: tape, solid glue, paste, glue, tape holder, box sealer, etc.
File display: whiteboard, whiteboard rack, cork board, green board, hanging board, notice board, post board,blackboard, newspaper rack, magazine rack, information rack,electric platen, electronic whiteboard, glass whiteboard, whiteboard accessories (magnet) , Manuscript reading rack, display rack, whiteboard brush, knife and scissors supplies: cutting knife, pencil sharpener, pencil sharpener, scissors, paper cutter, utility knife.
4. Graphic Supplies
Business cards and business card holders, business card books, business card boxes, promotional albums,leaflets, posters, DM sheets, product manuals, wall calendars,desk calendars, letter paper, envelopes,postcards, greeting cards, invitation cards, stickers, labels, tags , Photo albums, color pages,cards, photo frames, photo frames, handbags, gift bags, packaging color combination, envelopes, corporate briefings, work permits, hard plastic sleeves, certificates, membership cards, card sleeves, card albums.
5. Office supplies
Pumping paper, roll paper, large paper, toilet paper, paper towels, towels, handkerchiefs, cups,kettles, tea sets, vacuum cups, plastic cups, water cups, paper cups, cartoon cups, ceramic cups,mugs, cups Attach pendants, coasters.
6.Special office, financial supplies, receipts, vouchers, bill folders, subpoena forks, business record books, carbon paper, paper books, account books, account pages, account folders, account books, account book forms, seals, seal pads, Stamp pad, seal box, sponge cylinder,money detector, cash register, numbering machine, numbering machine oil, check printer, financial binding machine, portable vault, attendance card, Attendance rack,attendance equipment.
7. Conference training supplies
Laser pointers, whiteboards, whiteboard racks, seat cards, loudspeakers, projectors