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What should I do if the shredder is jammed?

The reasons for the paper jam in the shredder may be as follows: too much paper is put in, the paper box of the shredder is full and has not been cleaned up, and items that are not suitable for shredding, such as liquid and plastic products, are put into the shredder, etc. What should I do if the paper machine is jammed? Here are the solutions:
1. First of all, check whether there is a paper ejection function. Some high-quality shredders have a paper ejection function. When the jammed paper is blocked, you can press the ejection button to let the machine automatically eject the paper.
2. Then check whether the paper box or paper bucket of the shredder has not been cleaned in time, and dump the shredded paper in the paper box.
3. If there is no paper ejection function, you need to unplug the power supply of the shredder, remove the paper box of the shredder, and use a brush and other tools to clean up the stuck paper on the blade of the paper cutter. The blade of the paper machine is relatively sharp, so be careful when handling it.
4. After cleaning, turn on the power and start it up. If it is still blocked, you can only ask professional maintenance personnel to repair it.