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Shredder shredding effect

The shredding effect refers to the size of the waste paper formed after the paper is processed by the shredder, which is generally measured in millimeters (mm). Granules and foams have the best effect, followed by crushed ones, and the relative effects of strips and segments are worse. For example, 2*2mm security effect can cut A4 paper into more than 1500 pieces. In different occasions, shredders with different shredding effects can be selected according to actual needs. Such as family and small offices where confidentiality is not involved, you can choose 4mm*50mm, 4mm*30mm and other specifications. In the case where confidentiality is required, according to the minimum standard for destroying data, the computer-printed documents must be shredded to a note of less than 3.8mm. For highly confidential documents, a shredder that can be cut vertically and horizontally should be used, preferably a shredder with a shredding effect of 3mm*3mm and below.