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Shredder capacity

The volume of the shredded paper box refers to the volume of the box that holds the shredded waste paper. Shredder shreds are stored in one of the following containers: low-end shredders are generally placed above the wastebasket, so that the cut pieces are simply placed in the wastebasket; slightly more expensive products Bring your own wastebasket (shredded cardboard). Most office shredders are generally closed cabinets with wheels, which can be easily moved around the office. This kind of shredder involves the choice of the volume of the shredded carton. Ordinary office and household paper shredders can choose a smaller capacity shredding box based on actual needs and the size of the floor space, and the size is between 10-15 liters. Use shredded cartons of more than 30 liters. Finally, there are some shredders with a rack that can hang plastic bags. In this case, you only need to prepare plastic bags that can be hung on the shelf. The amount of paper that the shredder can handle is another factor to consider. The key factors in this regard are the unit sheet volume, which is the amount of paper that can be swallowed and processed at one time, and the processing speed. Because the shredder is not designed to always run at maximum capacity, it is best to consider a model with a capacity that is about 25% larger than what you need when purchasing, so as to avoid damage to the machine.