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Sheet paper cutter classification (2)

4. From the driving mode of the paper pressing mechanism, it is divided into mechanical paper pressing and hydraulic paper pressing.
The hydraulic pressure paper method can more accurately ensure the equal length tolerance accuracy of the cut material after cutting (commonly known as the accuracy of the upper and lower knife), especially when the cut material is cut with a higher density, the difference is particularly obvious. Therefore, with the emergence of hydraulic paper cutters, mechanical paper cutters are no longer used by customers who require high cutting accuracy.
The clutches of the paper pressing mechanism and the cutting mechanism are both hydraulically driven, which is also called a full hydraulic or dual hydraulic paper cutter. The full hydraulic or dual hydraulic paper cutter has greater cutting force and has obvious advantages when cutting high-density cuts. The clutch is not easy to slip, and there is no need to frequently adjust the gap of the clutch.
5. From the size display method and the moving and positioning of the paper pusher, it is divided into a digital display paper cutter and a program-controlled paper cutter. The same for paper machines).
The main difference between the digital display paper cutter and the program-controlled paper cutter is in the control of the paper pushing mechanism. The program-controlled paper cutter not only greatly improves the efficiency, but also effectively reduces the labor intensity of the operators.
6. From the width of the door width (maximum cutting width) of the sheet paper cutter, it is further divided into a split cutter (also called a half-open paper cutter), a full-open paper cutter (full-sheet paper cutter), etc. , There have been many articles mentioned, the author will not repeat it.
The high-end sheet paper cutter is not only reflected in the cutting accuracy, performance stability and the selection of materials, components and control systems, but also has multiple protections in terms of safety, which is specifically reflected in the differential protection of the hands and the photoelectric protection. , Electronic knife lock and so on.