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Sheet paper cutter classification (1)

1. Sheet paper cutter is divided into electric paper cutter from the driving mode of the paper pushing mechanism (only manual mode can be used to press the button or operate the corresponding mechanism to realize the positioning of the paper pusher by controlling the motor or mechanical transmission mechanism) , Program-controlled paper cutter (the automatic positioning of the paper pusher is realized through the program control system, and the positioning method of the electric paper cutter can also be implemented) and an intelligent digital paper cutter between the two methods (through the control system Automatic approximate positioning, and then manual fine-tuning to achieve accurate positioning).
2. The program-controlled paper cutter is divided into three modes: stepping motor control, frequency conversion speed control, and AC servo control from the control mode of the paper pusher movement.
The stepping motor control and the frequency conversion speed regulation control method can reach ±0.1mm on the positioning accuracy of the paper cutter pusher, and the speed can reach 8-14 m/min (the specific accuracy and speed achieved are determined by the manufacturer's The control system and the selected electrical components will be quite different), but the noise when the stepper motor control mode is started is harsh, which is not favored by many paper cutter manufacturers and paper cutter users.
The AC servo control method has a great breakthrough in the quality and quantity of the positioning accuracy and speed of the paper cutter pusher than the frequency conversion speed control. The positioning accuracy can reach ±0.025-±0.015mm, and the paper push speed can reach 16-20 M/min (the specific accuracy and speed achieved will vary greatly depending on the control system used by the manufacturer and the electrical components selected).
3. From the operation interface (operation mode) of the program-controlled paper cutter, it is divided into three modes: button type, touch screen, button and touch screen dual modes.
Program-controlled paper cutters operated by keystrokes were the first to appear, which is double the efficiency of digital paper cutters. It has improved work efficiency for many users and created more wealth. It is favored by customers. However, after the introduction of new technologies, this This method cannot be compared with the touch screen operation method in terms of intuitive and simple operation.
The touch screen operation mode can easily realize functions such as equal division, equidistance, cycle size, calculator use and calculation result input program, etc., and the operation is simple and intuitive (button operation mode requires a combination of several keys to perform certain functions. It can be realized. Many customers consult the manufacturer for the use method after the operator can’t find the manual because of the replacement of the operator); the screen has a visual display of the detection switch status of each operation link on the machine, which provides great convenience for the troubleshooting of common faults. , It saves time and money costs for both customers and manufacturers of paper cutters.
The button and touch screen dual mode can be used in combination, which can meet the old habits of some operators. At the same time, it provides an additional input method, which is relatively improved in durability. However, the touch screen operation mode is designed by the paper cutter manufacturer. When the operating menu is reasonable and the quality of the selected screen is stable and reliable, its significance is not great.