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Maintenance of shredder cutters

The cutter is the most precise part in the shredder. In addition to the requirements for machining accuracy, it also has high requirements for the installation of the cutter. Any mechanical dislocation and lack of oil will seriously affect the service life of the cutter. The tool should be lubricated regularly, and the lubricating oil used should also meet the regulations.
The lubricating oil used in the shredder not only has the function of lubricating and ensuring the good operation of the mechanical parts, but also softening and removing the deposits between the cutter teeth and preventing the surface of the cutter from rusting. If it is found that there are metal pieces, dust and other foreign objects in the interdental plug, it should be cleaned up. The process of oiling and lubricating is very simple. You can directly drop the lubricating oil on the surface of the tool through the paper feed port. After the oil is slightly diffused, turn on the power and let the machine reverse for 10~15s, so that the lubricating oil can be fully diffused to all parts of the tool. Finally, Shred a few pieces of paper to wipe off excess oil from the surface of the knife.
Check the movement of the tool, if the shaft clearance of the two hob is uneven, please ask a professional to adjust it. If the bearing part of the hob is short of oil or has too much dust, abnormal noise will occur due to the increased resistance during operation, and the problem can generally be solved after refueling.