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Description of the relevant parameters of the shredder

1. Entrance width
The length of the long opening on the shredder shell that allows the paper to enter is the width of the entrance, in mm, which determines the maximum size of paper that can smoothly pass through the shredder blade.
2. The number of shredded paper
The number of shredded paper refers to the maximum amount of shredded paper that the shredder can pass through at one time, in the number of sheets, and the international practice is 70g or 80g paper as the standard.
3. Shredded paper effect
The shredding effect is the size of paper scraps after being cut by a cutter. The unit is mm, and the international convention is width × length. For example: confetti is a straight strip with a width of 4mm, and its shredding effect is 4mm. The confetti is 2mm wide and 15mm long, and the shredding effect is 2×15mm.
4. Speed
The speed of the shredder refers to the length of paper passing through the cutter within the specified time, and the international customary unit is mm/sec.
5. Shredding ability
This is a comprehensive value in production design, which reflects the maximum shredding capacity that the shredder can achieve under full-load operation for a long time according to its design capacity, in kg/hour.
6. Work stamina
The shredder starts from the cold state, and does not stop continuous shredding until the motor is overheated and automatically stops. This continuous shredding time represents the working endurance of the shredder, in minutes.
7. Noise
The sound recorded by the instrument when the shredder is running, expressed in decibels, is generally based on the sound value at a distance of 1 meter from the machine. Usually, under different conditions such as idling, a small amount of paper passing at one time, and a large amount of paper passing at one time, the noise generated by the shredder is also different. Strictly speaking, the noise value of the shredder should indicate the amount of paper passing through the test.
8. Confetti capacity
The capacity of paper scraps refers to the maximum volume of the container (buckets, bags, etc.) in the shredder to collect paper scraps, in L (liters).
9. Power
Refers to the motor rated power of the shredder, in W (watts). Most shredders have only one motor, if there are more than one, they are marked separately.