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A paper cutter,they are usually automated and motorized

A paper cutter, or guillotine as they are commonly referred to, is a machine that cuts large stacks of materials, such as sheets of paper and plastic. They use a long curved steel blade mounted to a stable base. They are usually automated and motorized.
It also has the oomph factor in the form of a dual scale measuring grid and a guillotine blade.
While it is not necessarily a paper cuter, a vinyl cutter can be a great way to create customized shapes out of various materials. A small but mighty machine like this can be programmed to cut the shape of a logo or text into your favorite vinyl.
While a paper cutter may not be the first item on your list, they can be very useful tools to help you get the job done. In addition to providing a means of making clean cuts, they are often accompanied by a set of instructions to install them.
As with any machine, care must be taken when operating it. In particular, keep an eye out for injuries caused by incorrect operation of the device. The best paper cutters have a finger guard. Using the correct sized paper cutter, you can eliminate the need for a ruler or razor blade and enjoy a cleaner cut.