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A paper cutter's most important function is cutting paper

A paper cutter is a type of guillotine device that cuts paper, plastic, or other materials. They are often motorized, but can also be manually operated. These heavy duty tools are ideal for industrial, medical, and commercial applications.
Paper cutters are designed to produce clean, straight cuts and can be mounted under a counter top. Most modern paper cutters include a finger guard to protect users from accidentally cutting digits.
The blades in a paper cutter can be stainless steel, ceramic, or carbides. Some are even built with a soft grip design for ease of use.
A paper cutter's most important function is cutting paper. However, a good quality model can fold large sheets into neat rectangles, and can also make perfect squares.
For the most part, there are three types of cutters: manual, motorized, and electronic. Each of these models has different benefits and features. While the mechanical blades may be less expensive, the electronic models offer more versatility and better performance.
Aside from cutting, there are also several other functions to be found in a good paper cutter. Some of these include package designing, vendor inventory management, and custom box printing.
In addition to their functionalities, paper cutters are also designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Some models even come with a magnetic paper cutter tray to keep your papers in place.
The best paper cutters are also a great asset to any office. Whether you're a busy office manager or a high-volume commercial printer, a quality machine can save you time and money.