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The new pattern of the office stationery market is taking shape

Office stationery is hailed as the last piece of China’s stationery industry. With more and more competitors, the competitive landscape will change rapidly, and competition will inevitably promote the overall development of the industry. After years of baptism in the market, some monopolistic national office stationery brands, some strong regional brands, agent brands and retailer brands will emerge in the country. In the future, the first-tier market will share the world with foreign high-end brands with strong and competitive domestic brands, thus breaking the current pattern of foreign brands dominating the first-tier market; second- and third-tier brands will be more established Local popular brands or regional brands are the main faces; wholesale brands with high quality and brand image will appear in the stationery wholesale market.  
More and more companies are committed to the refinement of corporate operations and terminal operations, and strive to improve the rapid response capability of the terminal and the core competitiveness of the company; terminal marketing model innovations are also emerging, office stationery terminals include not only commercial street shops, office The flagship store in the business district also appeared in the form of a “one-stop shopping” office supplies purchasing shop in the first-tier market.   In order to meet the health needs of consumers, more and more stationery manufacturers are actively participating in the "low-carbon era", using green raw and auxiliary materials, and striving to make office supplies more environmentally friendly and healthier. And actively research office psychology, corporate color science, and strive to interpret the needs of business office through brand and high-quality stationery products.  
Companies are paying more and more attention to the creation and promotion of brand image and brand culture, not only through interaction with consumers on the terminal, but also through film and television, advertising and other means to carry out regional and national brand communication to enhance brand image; The reserve of professional talents, the construction of the core team, pay attention to the building of a learning organization and the construction of corporate culture; realize the development of the enterprise through multi-brand combination and expand the category, and realize the expansion and strengthening of the enterprise; in addition to growth through accumulation In addition to himself, he also researches and uses the power of the capital market to achieve the strategic goal of becoming bigger and stronger; seeking cooperation with international design agencies and international brand management companies to improve the brand's winning ability. We believe that a new brand pattern in the office stationery industry is taking shape, and a stationery echelon model will be formed in the next five years from multiple levels such as region, grade, and style.