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Pen bag cleaning method

Washable: The pencil case can be washed with water like clothes, and it is stronger and more durable than clothes.
Use washing powder: For general dirty substances, you can use washing powder to soak and scrub.
Use disinfectant: Pen bags are often used as stationery, which will be contaminated with more bacteria. You can use disinfectant to disinfect. It also has a decontamination effect.
Use oxalic acid: For difficult stains like ballpoint pen stains, use oxalic acid, which is a strong organic acid and has a strong stain removal effect. Gloves are required for use.
Soaking: Put the pencil case in water, add the required detergent, soak it, and the pencil case will become easier to clean.
Drying: After cleaning the pencil case, remember to hang it in a sunny, ventilated place to dry.