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Small office paper cutter. The structure of this paper cutter is relatively complicated, mainly composed of a host, a workbench, a paper pressing mechanism, a paper pushing mechanism, and a cutting mechanism. This paper cutter is mainly suitable for cutting the paper neatly before binding a large number of documents. This paper cutter is widely used in modern digital fast printing, medium and high-end office, library, national government agency and small and medium-sized printing.
From the driving mode of the paper pushing mechanism and even the cutting mechanism, it is divided into manual paper cutter (pure mechanical structure) and electric paper cutter.
From the driving mode of the paper pressing mechanism, it is divided into mechanical paper pressing and hydraulic paper pressing.
From the size display method and the moving and positioning of the paper pusher, it is divided into a digital display paper cutter and a program-controlled paper cutter. The same for paper machines). The main difference between the digital display paper cutter and the program-controlled paper cutter is in the control of the paper pushing mechanism. The program-controlled paper cutter not only greatly improves the efficiency, but also effectively reduces the labor intensity of the operators.
The high-end small office paper cutter is not only reflected in the cutting accuracy and stability of the performance, but also has multiple protections in terms of safety, which is specifically reflected in the differential protection of the hands and the photoelectric protection.
Features of paper cutter for small office:
1) The cutting width is generally between 430mm-800mm
2)Small, easy to use and does not take up too much space
3) It can cut a large number of cut objects
4) The cutting precision of the cut object is high
5) The price varies from several thousand yuan to hundreds of thousands yuan according to the size of the cutting format and the configuration.