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How to make leaf vein bookmarks

How to make beautiful and simple bookmarks? To make handmade bookmarks, you can select Leaf Vein Bookmarks. The leaf vein bookmark is a kind of bookmark made by selecting leaves with beautiful leaf shape, removing the mesophyll part after chemical treatment, retaining the complete leaf vein, and dyeing.
Production Method:
1. Select the leaves. Choose leaves with thick, dense veins. Generally, evergreen woody plants are better. Such as osmanthus leaves, heather leaves, papaya leaves, eucalyptus leaves, tea leaves, etc. Select leaves in late summer or fall when the leaves are fully mature and beginning to age.
2. Boil the leaves with lye. Configuration of lye solution: Calculated by 1 liter of water, 70 grams of sodium carbonate (big soda), 50 grams of sodium hydroxide (available in the above two drug and chemical stores), lime water can also be used instead of lye, in an enamel cup or a casserole Boil the prepared lye, add an appropriate amount of washed leaves, boil, and gently move the leaves with chopsticks to prevent the leaves from overlapping, so that they can be heated evenly. Boil for about 5 minutes. After the leaves turn black, take a leaf and put it in a plastic pot filled with water. Check the mesophyll for corrosion and easy peeling. If it is easy to separate, remove all the leaves, put them in a plastic pot filled with water, and then separate the mesophyll from the veins one by one.
3. Remove the leaf flesh. Put the boiled leaves on the palm of your hand or on a glass plate, and gently wipe the leaf surface with the handle of an old toothbrush. The corroded mesophyll can be wiped off, then rinse under the tap and continue to wipe until All leaves are removed.
4. Bleaching the veins. Put the washed leaf veins in a bleaching powder solution to bleach them, remove them, rinse them with clean water, put them in old books and newspapers, absorb the water and take them out, then they can be used as leaf vein bookmarks.
5. Dyeing, drawing and writing. Use red, blue ink or other dyes to dye your favorite color, you can also draw and write on it, and finally tie silk thread.