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Colorization of student stationery design

The traditional development of stationery can no longer meet the needs of consumers. More and more stationery is colored. Bright things can often stimulate the nerves of people and attract many consumers to buy stationery.
Vision has become the first sensation of modern humans. Experiments have proved that in the first 20 seconds of observing an object, human visual organs account for 80% of the color perception. The visible color is so impressive. Color can be described as ubiquitous. From urban landscapes, residential offices, commercial entertainment, stylish home furnishings to mass media, colors have penetrated into all aspects of modern human life.   More and more student stationery manufacturers have realized the importance of color to products, and they are positioning color strategy as a new marketing tool. Color accounts for 50% of people's impressions, affects people's psychology, and can also affect people's desire to buy. Therefore, color plays a role as the first element in the transaction of products.  
Western color marketing strategies began in the 1990s, such as Europe, the United States, and Japan, and they have been using them secretly. For example, Canon's IXUS (Ixus) is currently advertising on CCTV. All cameras focus on color strategies, and with the slogan "Hello Color", it penetrates into the psychology of fashion consumers. In fact, IXUS just used a color marketing strategy, and did not have more expression in product functions, which won the world. At present, some TV stations are pushing China Red, while Zhejiang Satellite TV has launched China Blue. These are all color strategies.  
There are many stationery export companies in China, and many of them do contract processing abroad, but their profit margins are very low. why? Because the product style is designed by others. We have done very well in stationery production technology, but we are far inferior to foreign countries in terms of innovation and intellectual property rights. Design is nothing more than the organic use of the three elements of "color, shape, and material." Foreign companies have defeated the national industry through color strategies. The country now also hopes that enterprises will shift from a stationery manufacturing type to a creative type. Where should they start? First of all, we should start with color.  
The research and application of colors abroad is related to their high degree of marketization. When the competition is fierce, companies will think of more detailed strategies. In the 30 years of reform and opening up, China has basically been a seller's market. Merchants did not feel strong competitive pressure, so they paid little attention to color. But once the seller's market turns to the buyer's market, once the market competition becomes fierce, color strategy becomes increasingly important.  
At present, China still lags far behind foreign countries in this respect, but we still have time to start from today. Different businesses have to go through in-depth research when implementing market strategies. Different customer groups have different preferences for colors. Enterprises should develop colors according to the preferences of customer groups, rather than imagine it out of thin air. Especially in China's student stationery market, students are a group of individuality, and stationery design must always grasp the characteristics of color. It can be asserted that the color marketing strategy is always the magic weapon for outstanding companies. Lepusheng Stationery has applied "color marketing" to the design and development of student stationery. Stationery products targeted at students often have distinctive personalities and rich colors, just like a colorful candy feast.  
Of course, color collocation has just begun to take root and blossom on the land of China, and it is still very immature. There are some problems to be improved, such as the establishment of a color system suitable for China’s stationery industry, the systematization of training materials, and the level of professional color teachers Insufficiency, scarcity of color researchers, etc. Combining with China's national conditions, one must not be short-sighted and eager for quick success and quick success. You must study and study down-to-earth in order to make students' stationery colorful.
In order to attract a large number of consumers, stationery manufacturers develop new stationery products and continuously innovate themselves. One of the development roads is to make stationery colorful.