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Analysis on the Design Concept of Primary School Students’ Stationery

In fact, as a special consumer group, elementary school students must conduct in-depth research on their stationery design. Designing products for children's physical and mental characteristics is not to blindly cater to their interests. Good stationery design should fundamentally reduce the fatigue of students in use, and should not cause stress to them to affect the normal development of children.
The embodiment of the beauty of product form The beauty of product form is the aesthetics of form embodied by the structure of the product to achieve a certain purpose, which should include the structure, color, surface treatment and decoration of the product and other form factors. The shape of the product serves the function, it must reflect the function, help the function to play, and not hinder the realization of the function. The material function and spiritual function of the product determine the form and modeling method of the product. Specific to the design of stationery targeted at primary school students, the design should be based on the physical and mental characteristics of children. Health and safety standards have always been a rigid rule in the design of children's products. Not only the choice of materials, it must also be a factor that must be considered in the design of stationery for primary school students. The design of children's scissors, pencil cases, pen caps, etc. is particularly obvious. Many parents feel distressed when they write stationery for their children, because most of the products are only miniature versions of adult products, which are completely incapable of protecting them. Some pens, pencil cases, etc. have also become failures in children's products because of some easy-to-fall parts or sharp corners that can easily hurt people.
At present, most of the primary school student stationery on the market tends to have a variety of functions and complex decorations. Although good functions are essential features of the product, many products on the market include the realization of entertainment functions in the design of the stationery. This method not only increases the price of stationery, but also is not conducive to the learning effect of primary school students. The complex decorations are even more pleasing to the children's desire for novelty, while ignoring that the design of stationery should be responsible for guiding the children's interests correctly and helping them to establish the correct aesthetics. Primary school students’ schoolbags, star photos in notebooks, pencil boxes imitating fashionable toys, and even some irresponsible businesses, as some reports claim, openly marked "ambiguous love words" on children’s stationery. "Decoration" is very detrimental to the physical and mental health of primary school students. A truly excellent design should be based on the physical and mental characteristics of elementary school students, and design products that are easy to use and beautiful. The product function reflects the primary school students are in the growth stage, and their physical and mental development is not yet sound. The children in this segment are very malleable. Therefore, the design of the stationery that accompanies them day and night is particularly important. Schools and families often regard children's elementary school as very important, because this is an important period for them to understand society and form self-awareness. During this period, any small link may have an important impact on him. Although it cannot be said that a small piece of stationery can play a leading role in educating children, as an essential item that is always around, if it can be used correctly, it can also play a subtle role in the growth of children.
Whether stationery should have entertainment function or not is one of the biggest controversies in the primary school student stationery market. At present, the design of children's stationery is becoming more and more sophisticated, with more and more functions. The side effects of gentrification and toyization of school supplies are obvious. From an economic point of view, it increases the burden on students' families; from the perspective of student learning and education, it is not conducive to students' concentration on learning and cultivating simple and frugal living habits, and encourages comparison thoughts and behaviors. It can be seen that parents and teachers of students are opposed to the increasing gentrification of school supplies. The main task of students is to study. Learning utensils are for learning. The choice of school supplies should be easy to use, practical, durable, simple and economical. If blindly pursuing trendy, high-end, it is not conducive to learning, but also not conducive to thinking and life style. Cultivation. Therefore, parents and teachers of students should strengthen the education and guidance of students in this regard, and cultivate their hard-working and simple thinking; when stationery manufacturers develop and produce interesting stationery, they must not only consider the economic benefits of this stationery, but also Considering its social benefits, think more about the impact of this type of stationery on children. The design of stationery does not exclude the fun, especially considering the psychological characteristics of elementary school students, we can not make children's stationery as serious and dull as adult office stationery. But the fun should be reasonable, moderate, or entertaining. Since stationery is a partner to get along with children day and night, using it reasonably to make it a good assistant for students' learning and suitable for their hobbies is to grasp the essence of the design of children's stationery. Conclusion We emphasize that the design of stationery for primary school students should not be too fancy and high-end, not to let it go to the extreme of low quality and rigid style. Children are the hope of a family. Normal stationery consumption is essential to every family, but what we need are high-quality products that are in line with the physical and mental characteristics of primary school students and are beneficial to their growth, not for profit. Inferior products whose purpose, use function is poor, artistic value is low, and the goal is to please children only.